Thursday, 8 June 2017

volubilis & meknes

While still in Chefchaouen, we took the morning to adventure outside while the streets were quiet. After a traditional Moroccan breakfast at the Ryad and a drive through the mountains, we found Volubilis - an ancient Roman town. After lunch in Meknes, a quick walk around town and then a tour of the granaries and Bab Mansour, we headed onwards to Fez.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017


Morocco is one of the dreamiest and most photogenic countries. Our first stop was Chefchaouen - a city painted in blue. Chef meaning "look at", chaouen meaning "mountains"; Chefchaouen: look at the mountains! The small streets are so picturesque and perfectly blue: instagram heaven. We nibbled on Moroccan pastries and got our first tagine at a rooftop restaurant with some of the most amazing views of the city. Perfect way to start our Moroccan journey.


Saturday, 28 January 2017

24 hours in rome

January was a month filled with travels and Rome was the first short stop. 24 hours of perfect weather filled with delicious food - roasted chestnuts, fettucine alfredo, gelato. Short but sweet.



Friday, 19 February 2016

apple tart

- apples
- cinnamon
- butter
- brown sugar
- puff pastry

How to...
- Defrost the puff pastry, and lay it out once it's malleable and warm
- Slice up the apples on a mandolin or however you'd like
- Toss sliced applies in cinnamon, brown sugar, and a bit of melted butter
- Lay apples out on the tart in whatever manner you would like. When doing mine, I laid them out horizontally in opposite directions for aesthetic purposes, but you can do a flower shape or whatever else floats your boat.
- Sprinkle with some more cinnamon and maybe a spritz of honey!
- Bake until puff pastry has risen and apples look crisp and golden brown.


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